Helena Harbor never freezes over, is virtually flood proof, has ample amounts of land and water and welcomes businesses small and large. Visit our beautiful city and see what we have to offer.

Five Reasons to Relocate

  1. Healthcare
  2. Housing
  3. Quality of Life
  4. Education & Enrichment
  5. Personal Development

It’s All About Location!

Located on the Mississippi River at mile 652 AH, Helena Harbor is just 65 miles south of America’s acknowledged distribution center, Memphis, Tennessee. Its strategic location provides ready access to the nation’s heartland via nearly 15,000 miles of inland water transportation as well as to the Gulf of Mexico and ocean trade lanes to and from Latin America and the rest of the world.

About Helena Harbor

The Helena Harbor Industrial Complex consists of 4,000 acres of flood-protected industrial sites centered around a two and a quarter mile, nine-foot-deep slackwater harbor. The harbor channel is 300 feet in width and features an additional 50 feet of berthing space over much of its length. A large turning basin is located at the head of the channel. While most of the harbor is undeveloped, all essential utility infrastructure is in place including electric power, a 10 inch 800 p.s.i. natural gas main, and a 16 inch water main. Helena Harbor is ready for business.